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>> today on christian world news the problem with gypsies, european union'slast chance for expelling thousands and how to help the millions of living in poverty. our exclusive repo on the groups giving them hope. >> it is a straight man living in a gay community. meet the missionary calledto a unique mission field. >> and it is an item in great demand in developing nations, the ministry helping pele move passed their handicaps. >> unuproar in the european
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union's plight of gypsi. good evening i am george thomas. >> and i am wendy griffith. the treatment of the row ma people. sarkozy had hundreds of gyps camps dismantled from the country. an enraged sarkozy -- the 10-12 million people gypsy people living throughout europe. most illiterate living in camps of skaer. majority are from romania. >> george, i can tell you these people are truly desperate people and unwanted everywhere
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they go. i spent several weeks in romania, it is like taking a walk back in time. most of the villages are isolated from the rest of romania. even in the ace lags, god is touching the heart of the believers reaching out to gypsies with a gift money can't buy. >> eight miles from romania's border with hungry and more than 20 years after the fall of communism,city streets as busy as any european eastern town at rush hour. >> you would expect everywhere to be moving forward at some place or another. >> great expectations aren't a reality. after years of missions worin romania. >> what you realizas you travel around, so many of the gypsy commities are exactly
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where ey were, whether it is 10-20 years ago. >> people have spent generations away from the rest of row maini society. >> the way they have been brought up from generation, they would follow their immediate need, then be unable to see the perspectives. >> this gypsy village is the poorest in the area. homes like the one behind me are made of mud brick. it is not sturdy at all, easy to crumble. children don't have the opportunity to go to school. that can make idifficult to draem. dreams of a better life are hard for these people. this man says it is too late to think about an education. >> the only way i can make money is to be there when people need us to have them taking the crops. >> hope can be hard to find in
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this gypsy villa. >> sometimes they might be violent. not to me, not to us but each other. >> education is a big factor. prejudice also plays a major part in the fact they are just trapped. and whatever we are trapped by the truth of the gospel can release us. >> kevin and his team see the reality just a few miles away here in the gypsy village once known for crime and violen. >> for a while especially when i wasn't a christian, i was angry kning they put that is mark on my country. >> this gypsy ville is home to 40 families, roughly 500 feem. people. it has seen a lot of changes since 2000. >> we were on our way to eat, this little boy was hungry and he came to eat with us.
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he took us back to meet his mom and dad and 8 brothers and sisters. >> we were shocked to see him at the door. i was with one of my kids i asked my child who are these people? he was like they are my friends. >> that little boy has children of his own. in the last 10 years that friendship produced running water for the village, a neighborhood store, a school, and even a church where gypsies have come to christ. >> whenpeople have lost hope, you realize, in the chick economic circumstaes, the only hope is christ. >> the gypsy village is part of growing revival. it is a story documented with romania's alpha omega network. >> god decided to wroshg these
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groups marginalized for centuries. it is a sign for me, time is very short. >> they witnessed what is a miracle. in southeasromania, 5,000 gypsies were baptized after acceptinchrist in 2009, the largest baptism in romania's history. recording artist daniel daneskoo led worship. >> i remember from school, i was cast aside and despised but when i was born again, i felt a tremendous peace and joy. >> hungs accepted christ this year. in the meantime, he and his
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team preach the gospel. >> there is a place for talking and in an educated society, preaching the word. this is absolutely fundamental. many of the people are uneducated. we could talk about them all day long. practical evidence of god's love is what is the people need. >> the gypsy resooifl is softening the hearts of some in romania prejudice against gypsies. there is a very long way to go. groups like this foundation are committed to working with them. not necessarily preaching, but rolling up their sleeves, and meeting the need. >> terrifi what an encouraging story. thank you so much, sir. excellent work. we turn now to the largest
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muslim nation, indonesia, christians have been growing. most recent incident happened this week, 10 suspects were invoed in an attackagainst 2 christian pastors. >> reporter: attackers stabbed this ministerin the stomach and attacked this man with a planck. one of the injuried pastors said they were approached by a group of motorbikes. indonea's president calls on police to hold the attacker accountable. he said we must uphold the law. there isno room for violence to be committed against anyone for any reason. murharli barda has been named a suspect in the attack. muslim extremists that have
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warned mems of the filalfia batak church. a mob similar to thisone gathered at the local mosque and tried to prevent the christians from meeting at the church. pastor>> some through stes. others were calling us infadels and pigs and yelling obscenities. some said burn the church, close it down. >> it is located in a densely populated muslim area. the christian worshippers refused to back down. every week 20 or so return to pray defieing threats and intimidation.
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attacks by muslim extremists in indonesia have increased, 64 incidents in 2010 up from 18 last year. dale herd koob cab news. four medical missionaries free on bail in zimbabwe. their congregation is asking people to continue to pray. they are accused of illegally operating a clinic for aids orphans and handing out medicine without a license. a doctor from zimbabwe was arrested. they had to surrender their passports. coming up, he has lived in one of the largest homosexual communities in america for more than 10 years, but he is not gay. find out why he has made this
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home next.
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>> the mission field has led unconvention christianto move to very uncoentional places. >> for 29-year-old andrew has moved to chicago's gay town. there is a spiritual hunger there. >> stroll down the streets of chicago's boy's town and find a multifauceted gay world. flamboyant types and rainbow themes. >> andrew has lived in boy's town for 10 years, this densely populated chicago neighbhood is home to gays, lesbian and transgder folks and all the businesses that cater to them. it is not your typical ministry setting. >> right along this strip are over 60 gay bars and clubs. >> he is about as comfortae
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as any straight from the suburbs evangelicals would hope to be. >> i grew up the biggest bible-banging kid you would ever find. in college my 3 best friends came out to me. it ripp my world apart. i had no idea what to do. >> he ran. >> i believe the church is wonderful about what we need to believe and not so good about providing a framework for followhrough. >> his follow thrgh included moving into the heart of chico's gay community. his plan listen and lear the result, a freshapproach to relationships between consvative christians and gays. his vision is for the evangelical church to bridge its gap with the gay community. the first step recognizing the pain caused by many christians. >> there are so many people who
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have been kickedout of their youth groupsand church who have had their family when they have come out, the family say we don't want to talk to you ever again, just go!>> that is why meren attended chicago's gay proud parade armed with these attention-getting t-shirts it has given him credibility with the gay community. >> i think meren is beginning with a posture of i am sorry, we have made mistakes in the christian community and sorry for the way you have been hurt and that position is one that is disarming. >> love is an orientation, meren explains why chriians and ga get caught up on hot buttons. the issues are conversation non starters th block dialogue.
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>> for meren, the key to success is relationships and specifically long term relationships. >> i came out at 22. >> brian is one of the gay friends men hoped to keep for a lifetime. the flora native grew up in an evangelical home and this book helped him with faith and sexual identity. >> for the gay community, to see somebody like andrew stand there with open arms and want to be in that constructive tension wi him, that is helping peop change on both sides. >> he developed this from martin luther king, in 1963, there is a type of constructive non violent tension necessary for grth. for too long christians have run from relaonships with gays because it can be so
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uncomfortable. for example what does a believer do when a gay friend decides to follow jesus and still thinks it is okay to be gay? stay in the relationship, says meren. >> i can still dignify their experience as totally legitimate to them withou giving away what i think, feel, and believe. >> this message is gaing traction witha new generation of believers who want to reach out but remaining true to themselves. they are listening intently as they explained to nurture friendships with gays. meren's work is catching the attention of church leaders. brandon o'ien says they can no longer ignore the issue. >> i think andrew does a great job to make the church
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understandthere are a lot of people that want to be reached and want people to embrace them and be almosted. >> it may take years to understand his impact on the church and lgbt community. in the meantime he is putting down deeper roots in boy's town, buying a new home and continuing to invest onperson at a time. >> i have a lot of pride in my neighborod and in my city and in the people who are there. they are children of god just the same as i am, and you are. >> that is what meren says is his true orientatio combine that with a lifetime commitment to this community and one can glimpse the profound potential for healing and hope. reporting in chicago, heather sells, cbn news. >> it is the power of love that
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conquers all. >> you think about what would jesus do? jesus would love them. then again jesus would say go and send no more. he would love him and love is the answer. it is the key. up next, how wheelchairs are channg lives in the philippines.
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>> cbn's orph's promise has started a program in india. it is call eded it means life. the vocational program is meant to enhancthe lives of orphans and break the cycle of poverty. children learn bible verses and songs to develop their relationship with god. more than 10 centers have been set up across india. to date more than 2500 children are enrolled in courses and
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over 90 percent have accepted jesus asavior. my colleague gary lanes takes us to show how the handicap is finding support and salvation as well. >> reporter: armed conflict and kidnaps in the philippines. as volunteers, these people discered what could change their lives. >> what we did is looked for friends who had wheelchas that were no longer being used. >> dr. jerty looked for second hand wheelchairs to look for those that needed them.
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unfortunately he diedof a heart attack in 2008 right after delivering one of his chairs. his many patients thoughtheir hopes died with dr. jerty. they lived on in the heart of his wife she asked the christian organization to help supply wheelchairs for their neighborhoods. >> it is not like the ones in the ty. they are equipt with these tires, simil to what you would find on a mountain bike. the recipients can move around the rugged terrain. >> people like are this man that lost the use of his legs at age 7 from polio. he is now 70. >> i feel sad for my broth. he always wanted to go out and see places.
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he cannot do it with his improvised whechair, he, himself made. he had no choice than to be confined in his small hut. >> she made sure she got one for her brother. he received a more important gift, salvation through jesus christ. >> thank you lord. thank you to all the people who help us. >> i am so thankful operation blessing gave us this opportunity to work with them when things happen like that in communitie you transform communities. they see the love of god through that wheelchair. it is rolling and goes around. that way god's messagrolls. for me that is one way of transforming communities through lives. it only takes a wheehair. >> gary lane, cbn news. >> to learn how you can partner
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with operation blessing go to our website at we'll being right back.
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islg lg will with be cbn
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enter)700 club in >> pope benedict celebrated in england. he begins his 4 day trip. more than 120,000 people crowded to see him in his pope mobile. this trip is the first state trip a pope has made to the uk. his meeting with the queen was particularly significant because the historic divide between the protestant and catholic church. the queen told him it remined them of their common christian heritage. finally this week luis palau preached. it was love not war. after leaving the ship, pala held a trip in san diego
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mission bay park. it drew estimated 50,000 people. they watcd free style motor cross riders. later palau presented gospelin spanish and english and an invitationo follow christ. >> to herald the gospel of jesus christ and use these technology. >> preaching keeps you young. >> that is our report for this week. thank you for joining us. >> until next week everyone, thank you for joining us. >> until next week everyone, good-bye and g g
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we all know haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake. tens of thousandsf haitians have died, and that number is rising. we don't have time to sit around and talk about what we can do to help. you can help by donating today. and talk about what we can do to help.

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